What's the Game of Zones?

  • Zone 1 - Free Weights

    The place to go to get big and get strong, broad swords and armour are heavy!

  • Zone 2 - Cardio

    In a world that has Dragons, White Walkers and Cersei Lannister the ability to run away at speed is essential!

  • Zone 3 - Functional

    When the White Walkers come or you find yourself in a trial by combat with the Mountain, this is the training that will save your life - as long as you don’t talk too much!

  • Zone 4 - Resistance

    If you are recovering from injuries on the battlefield or everyone you know has just been written out of the script, this is the place to work around your issues or just smash it out on your own!

  • Zone 5 - The Studio

    Westeros can be an easier place to survive if you do it with friends or your own army!

  • Meal Plan

    A Westeros-inspired meal plan to get you on track

Will you answer the call?

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